This Bud’s for You! Turning Points Made for Music …and YouTube

I found my self captivated by an ad for a beer that I don’t drink, featuring a rap artist I’d never heard of …and I don’t even like rap music.

There is a subtle revolution going on. I was intending to watch Kevin Spacey speaking at the Edinburgh Television Festival about the bigger revolution in the shift away from cable to Netflix – the only company that agreed to back him in the production of a “13-hour film” in House of Cards, without requiring a pilot.

Spacey says,”The audience has spoken. They want stories!”

And that’s why I stopped to watch the entire YouTube pre-roll commercial before watching Kevin Spacey, to learn the 1:51-minute story of a rapper named Ab-Soul.

[embedplusvideo height=”281″ width=”500″ editlink=”″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=tePGDlkgVDk&width=500&height=281&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep7997″ /]

“You can skip to video in 5 seconds.”

That’s it! In YouTube’s skippable ad format, advertisers only have 5 seconds to win over my interest and I am impatiently counting… Using short-form documentary in black and white, Budweiser manages to do so, launching an engaging new concept with a collection of Pivotal Career Moments they call Turning Points. It’s just one of six parts of the Made for Music campaign that Bud launched with Vice and Facebook in July, 2013.

I am excited because Bud is confirming a personal artistic direction that I have been developing – one in which authentic story content is presented by a funding sponsor. As a marketing consultant and doc filmmaker, my earned media approach is demonstrated in the following video I just produced on the recent Baylake Tall Ship Festival, a project funded by Shipwrecked Brewery Pub & Restaurant in Egg Harbor.

[embedplusvideo height=”281″ width=”500″ editlink=”″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=MgCxhP-XJ_0&width=500&height=281&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep9442″ /]

Meeting up with David HB Drake at the beer tasting tent was sheer luck, not to mention the fact that he was dressed in nautical attire and just happened to somewhat resemble the company’s iconic ship captain.



Jesse Horne, working the tent for Shipwrecked, was quick to improvise and I was fortunate to capture the moment, using their exchange as a tail to David’s performance of an original song he calls “The Lakes of Amerikey.” Here’s an opportunity for Shipwrecked to follow my lead and emulate Budweiser in building a campaign around the music of a talented musician and nautical historian that  just happens to personify their brand.

Have you begun to use the power of video publishing? Michael Hyatt, author of  Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World says, “The good news is that video is cheaper to produce than ever. You can get professional quality video produced for a fraction of what it used to cost.”


Check out the DesignWise Studios YouTube Video Channel to see how others are adding short-form video to their marketing campaigns. Then, contact me to plan your own video campaign – from channel design and distribution, to complete professional video editing and production – all at DesignWise Studios.

David HB Drake has written more than 200 songs, many of them sea shanties and songs of the Seven Seas and Great Lakes. He is the official chanteyman of Wisconsin’s flagship, the S/V Denis Sullivan and educator at Pier Wisconsin Maritime Center. Living his dream, David has also served as chanteyman on the movie tall ship “HMS Bounty.” You may find him at pirate festivals appearing as “Graybeard, The Ancient Mariner” and he authors “Graybeard’s Advice for Lubbers,” a column in Pirates Magazine.  

YouTube Publishes ebook and we share our Facebook comments with SocialDitto

As video continues to gain greater prominence, we are starting to build dedicated YouTube channels for clients as part of an overall social footprint campaign. Today YouTube announced the publication of YouTube Creator Playbook, a 70-page ebook that will be regularly updated…

DesignWise Studios of Door County Get a free copy of the new 70-page YouTube Creator Playbook helping you build your video audience online. They promise regular updates… very cool!

So, this post is serving a dual role: announcing the ebook and also testing this cool little tool called SocialDitto, that lets us embed Facebook posts and comments into the body of an article.

Is Your Marketing Campaign Still Blowin’ in the Wind? Perhaps, You Might Consider the Art of Gardening

“For the the Times they are a changin’…” The collapse of daily print journalism and traditional broadcast media spells catastrophe to some, opportunity to others.

Today, I had an opportunity to sit in on a marketing pitch being delivered to one of my clients by a local radio station’s advertising executive. I happened to be there for an eventual meeting about the development of a DesignWise plan for an “integrated” advertising campaign – one that would include earned media in the form of traditional press releases, coupled with a strong emphasis on the diverse forms of social network media.

Later, I provided my client with the following quote from Sut Jhally, Professor of Communications at the University of Massachusetts and founder of the Media Education Foundation:

Advertisers have to go to where the audience is… if they want to sell products. They have no option but to go where the audience has gone. If the audience has gone online, gone to iPods, gone to Facebook – wherever the audience has gone – that is where advertisers must go.”

As I listened to the “old-school” radio pitchman trying to encourage my client to buy a package of “spots,” I envisioned the sharp changes that are sweeping over the worlds of journalism and marketing, as we transit from traditional broadcast to online media. I saw those paid radio spots simply floating away in the breeze much like the dry seeds of a dandelion blossom…

Blowin' in the wind...

Maybe they would land somewhere on favorable ground and sprout forth as a new plant. Most of them would simply blow away like dust in the wind.

It is time that universities, online or otherwise, update their curricula…

I realized that I had come to help my client plant and grow a garden. That’s the profound difference between traditional broadcast media (radio, TV and newspaper advertising) and networked social media… In the old school, we continually threw out spots, hoping someone would eventually see or hear one. In the new school we intentionally plant and cultivate a growing presence in new media resources that remains there and grows larger in in outreach as time passes.

The online gardener’s new tools include:

  • a blog-based Web site with an ongoing stream of fresh content,
  • a well-crafted Business Page on Facebook (with more than a billion members),
  • a YouTube channel (which in itself is also the 2nd most popular search engine) with origiinal videos,
  • micro-blogging your message and joining in the conversation taking place on Twitter,
  • learning about “local” with Google Map Pages and sites like Yelp, Angie’s List among the rapidly expanding dimension of location-based technology
  • ask fans to write reviews in Google and Facebook and public forums like TripAdvisor and, Yelp,
  • take advantage of the free and ever-evolving set of Google’s gardener tools.

It’s no longer if. It’s when…

… the question is no longer “if you decide to employ new media. As newspapers shrink and disappear right before your eyes and radio audiences now listen to what they want on iPods and smart phones, it’s now a matter  of “when” you decide to plant that garden.

How does your garden grow?

Contact, Stephen Kastner at DesignWise Studios to discuss the most effective ways to plant and grow your social media garden.

Tired vs Wired, Yahoo vs YouTube and a Quick HD Pocket Camera Revue

You may already know that YouTube is the second most popular… search engine.

For more than a year, YouTube has dominated Yahoo for runner-up status behind Google in the search engine popularity rankings as reported by research firms like Comcast. Partly due to the fact that YouTube videos are now included among the standard Google search results, with Google claiming 65% of search market, nonetheless there is another shift taking place which deserves reflection.

Since learning of the shift, I have started using YouTube as a primary research tool. When I want to see how something is done, I search YouTube. Taking this cue to the next level means incorporating this realization into your own Web design strategies and marketing practices. People now expect to see video included as one of the components in an effective Web site.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you must add the cost of professional video production to your budget. Windows and Mac both include video editing software in their basic installation packages and there are lots of additional, free tools online. With more than 15 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, homegrown video has become a populist media form.

Chad Hurley, the co-founder and chief executive of YouTube explains, “That’s the equivalent of Hollywood releasing more than 57,000 full-length movies every week.”

The hardware isn’t expensive either. The Creative Labs Vado HD 8 GB Pocket Video Camcorder is a bargain at $114.99 on Amazon ($199 list). The HD signifies High Definition, that it shoots in widescreen format (16 x 9 as opposed to the earlier 4 x 3 TV standard) at 720p (image size 1280 x 720) at 30 frames per second progressive scan; recorded as MP4 files.

How would you like to get the camera for less than $15? This particular deal gets even better the deeper you dig. The Amazon fine print says:

Special Offer: Save $100 on the cost of this product when you agree to join’s AudibleListener® Gold program for 12 months starting at $14.95 per month.

The base price is currently $20 cheaper than the Flip UltraHD Camcorder – plus the Creative Labs Vado unit has a larger 2″ display screen and a much better wide angle lens. Chris Pirillo rates Creative Vado at the top in this great set of three comparable videos:

The Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera would be another good choice based on price at $99, but it comes with such little memory and has poor low light capabilities.

If it’s time for you to begin experimenting and learning to create and upload videos, be sure to watermark them with your Website’s URL and post them everywhere at once using Tubemogul. Check out DesignWise Films and Video Production for more specific articles on video production and marketing.