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I love all aspects of the filmmaking process from writing and directing screenplays, to capturing, directing, and staging scenes, either candid or even with green-screen technology, and I love the editing process, building a story with clips and music. I have produced all sorts of videos from weddings, to scripted advertising, to music performances, and educational lectures. I am always available to brainstorm with you on how best to capture and tell your story.

Jesus “Chewy” Jauregui and his mustang Paloma competing in 2013 Mustang Magic, Fort Worth, TX
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The Hostile Workplace: A Very Serious Problem!” in Leadership & Inspiration by Dr. McConkey
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KickMagic Pneumatic Starter Assist for Triumph Motorcycles
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Rigor by Design Not Chance by Karin Hess
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Nancy Kilgore, author of “Bitter Magic” speaking on Witches and Mystics
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The Book Of David, poetry by David C. Sharp
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