1. We are looking for a competent and reputable advertising partner who can effectively promote our products through various advertising channels, including print media. and digital media. social media platforms like Facebook

    • I’d be glad to discuss this with you. I see that you have a new website design underway. If you provide a contact person to speak with, I will respond directly. Email that info to me, Stephen at: sjk@desiognwise.net

  2. I have a reputed personal finance website, I run advertisements on it. The issue is whenever somebody clicks on advertisements it shows a blank page. it happens only when visitor comes from google/bing, could you please solve the issue.

    I would like to know how much you charge monthly for SEO and website maintenance

    Our website is bankllist.us and we rank on top for keywords such as –
    1. Bank routing number list
    2. Zelle bank list
    3. Best banks in NC

    • It looks like the problem has been resolved as all ads work as expected… BUT, I believe that all your external links should be set to open in a New Window or Tab. It is debatable, whether or not to open a link without closing the current page. Most opinions agree that it’s best to keep your own website active in the background when sending people offsite.

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