The WordPress Codex says it best, “WordPress Themes are files and styles that work together to create a presentation or look for a WordPress site. Each Theme may be different, offering many choices for users to take advantage of in order to instantly change their website look.”

There are thousands of free WordPress themes readily available. You or a skilled WordPress developer can create your own custom theme if you prefer. If you decide to build your own WordPress Theme there are several good books available. You can begin at the WordPress Codex…

There are also several commercial themes that have attained cult status. These are themes that you may purchase and customize. We will be exploring these as I expand and develop the Themes section of the WordPress Primer. We will initially focus on:

  • Frugal” my own favorite and one I currently use for DesignWise development projects (like this one)
  • Thesis” another good choice for development sites that we also recommend and work with.

Watch for the Frugal vs Thesis post next! Please comment with your opinions, especially if you have reasons to prefer either one.

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