WordPress Basics

Why do Websites need a Content Management System (CMS)?

Because fresh content is what it takes to get people to return to your website after they have seen it once or twice! Self-hosted Wordpress software allows you to create that content as easily as you can using any typical word processor.

Site visitors respond favorably to the fact that your site is more than a static brochure. Even more important, search engines also respond to fresh content with improved SEO. Google bots love to find new shiny things.

With more than 50% of ALL domain Websites on the Internet now using WordPress. It’s a fact that the Web has taken a shift to fresh content management systems that encourage creativity on the part of the site owner. Major corporate websites built with WordPress include: New York Observer, New York Post, TED, USA Today, CNN, Fortune.com, TIME.com, National Post, Spotify, TechCrunch, CBS Local, NBC, and more.

The WordPress Dashboard puts you in the driver’s seat.

Meanwhile, in the background, WordPress beams out a signal via Really Simple Syndication (RSS). This feed tells search engines whenever you publish a new post. Content creation becomes your marketing campaign, broadcast regularly in the form of fresh social advertising.

Be about Something! The days of tell-and-sell are over…


A recent Forester report states that nearly a quarter of American adults who use the Internet are now described as active creators. They “write blogs, upload original audio or video, or post stories online.”

Since 2009, DesignWise Studios implemented this change with action. We began using WordPress software as the core of every new website design — a content management system that would empower our clients and enable them to become creators. Our role shifted from so-called webmasters to coaching and mentoring our clients. We even launched an online school to teach the fundamentals of social media marketing.

Our intent is to provide DesignWise clients with the tools and knowledge that make it easy for you to go from inexperienced beginner to expert creator.

Call or text us at 920.256.9449  or email sjk@DesignWise.net for a free brainstorming session on developing your DesignWise marketing campaign.

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