Smart Phone Tech: More than a Dozen QR Code Generators that do more… Analytics, GPS, Facebook Likes

Google’s link shortener, and have both added the capability of creating and tracking QR Codes from within their platforms.

From AT&T’s film on QR Codes

The movie clip above is quite informative, but one QR Coder (listed below) says, “Despite being one of the best looking (and one of the more popular) QR scanners out there, the AT&T code scanner passes everything you scan through their Website where they are undoubtedly collecting data on what is being scanned. We therefore place it in the Evil category – avoid this one unless you want old AT&T to see what you are scanning.” Furthermore their new service is limited to one-year, after which you will probably be expected to subscribe to retain access to your “free” account.

By 2012 more than half of people accessing the Internet will be doing so via smart phones or handheld devices. If their phones can take a picture, they can most likely scan QR Codes. Recognized as perhaps the most important recent development to revitalize print advertising, QR Codes have been around since 1997. With the rapid growth of smart phone technology, they are now becoming mainstream.

QR stands for quick response. Scan one and you immediately are taken directly to a Website or provided with a text that can contain telephone numbers and other cvontact information. And now they can do even more like… and the following:

  1. BeQRious – A robust QR Code campaign and tracking platform with email notification
  2. Delivr – generates a QR Code for each mobile-friendly URL
  3. Good Survey – Use QR Codes for market research in documents and decode existing QR Codes
  4. Itsmyurls – All your social media links in one QR code
  5. Jumpscan – provides a contact page with all your social data in one spot
  6. Likify – Generate Facebook likes using QR Code
  7. – URL shortener and QR code generator rolled into one (plus AT&T warning)
  8. OK QR ME – Mirascape QR Code Generator provides real-time stats on who is scanning it and from where
  9. – works with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, URL’s, e-Mails, Contact Info, Business Card Information, Android Market and App Store.
  10. SPARQcode – can deliver any type of content such as websites, phone numbers, addresses and invoke any app on your mobile phone
  11. Wikkit – Create, sell, and scan tickets to any event with QR Codes


  1. Nice blog post! 2011 is going to be the year of the QR Code for marketers. If you haven’t already, next time you create a QR Code, try It is designed for businesses to generate QR Codes and mobile landing pages for their businesses social properties. Create a landing page with a Facebook “Like” button or Twitter “Follow” button. Users can also create a mobile coupon that is sharable on Facebook and Twitter!

    Give it a try and let us know what you think! Please add to your list of generators!


  2. Thanks Tyler,
    I love your video, great music and very informative… you are included and I will try experimenting with SocialQRCode. Now, if only we could make them look as cool as tattoos.

    • I appreciate you pointing me in the direction of another great QR resource… I will revise and add to the list.

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