WordPress (CMS) Website Design

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System (CMS). Our DesignWise Studios Website is now created using WordPress as a CMS.

The following are a few online projects using WordPress as a client-powered content management system… under continuous and active development:

  • HTML was great in its day…

    Nebel Construction, a client for more than 15 years, came to realize the advantages of a mobile-friendly, WordPress-managed website. We optimized all of the images since WordPress assigns a URL to each one.

  • The Parkside Inn in Ellison Bay is a beautiful example of using WordPress as a Content Management System.
  • Junction Center Yoga Studio publishes regular e-news and events, beginning to utilize a Facebook Public Profile Page.
  • Nelson Healing Center is a WordPress theme with changing newsworthy content, utilizing email marketing and a strong social media footprint.
  • Myrna Cohn is an artist, a writer and a business consultant that I have worked with to create an identity Web site. She embodies her own principles of right and left brain theory as a painter and reflective journalist by making and writing about her creative process within the site. I had the honor of creating a documentary film in which she explains the evolution of her work and including it in the design.

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