Facebook Now Allows Profile Pages to Convert to Business Pages

There are plenty of new Facebook users that decide to start creating a business presence by faking a Personal Profile page.

banditIn a short time, most of these business users soon come to realize the shortcomings of such a decision but by then, they may already have hundreds of “friends.” If they are really successful, they will be forced to face the fact that Personal Profiles are capped at 5,000 friends. Facebook Business Pages are privileged with unlimited “Likes” – without fans having to ask and then wait to be granted access.

Businesses that impersonate people are heading toward a life of Facebook crime… by creating an impostor Profile you risk being deleted as a clear violation of Facebook policies. Under Facebook’s terms of service, users are required to use real identities and not hide behind false or anonymous accounts, a violation that can lead to Facebook closing an account. There are a completely different set of rules for Facebook Pages.

“Facebook has always been based on a real-name culture,” says Debbie Frost, a spokeswoman for Facebook. “This leads to greater accountability and a safer and more trusted environment for our users. It’s a violation of our policies to use a fake name or operate under a false identity.”

Other shortcomings…

One of the biggest disadvantages of trying to use a Personal Profile for Business is the loss of Tabs & Apps. You can add all of the silly games you want to your Profile but none of the useful custom tabs or Apps that are available only for use on Business Pages. For example, Facebook apps can automatically showcase your YouTube channel, add a Google+ Tab, an e-mail signup form or even embed a full-blown shopping cart into your Facebook Business Page.

Apps are somewhat harder to find than games. However, Andrea Vahl explains How to Find and Add Facebook Apps to Your Facebook Page in a well-written Social Media Examiner post. In another valuable post, Mari Smith, a widely-recognized social media expert and author, provides an invaluable list of the Top 75 Facebook Apps – “to customize your landing tabs, add your blog, add videos and photos, add chat, add polls, contests, geolocation, scheduling, email and much more.”


Facebook also offers Business Page administrators a variety of powerful tools that help you manage and track engagement, a benefit denied to Personal Profiles.

So, how do I fix this mess…

Previously, you had no choice but to bite the bullet and start over… but now, Facebook Allows Profile Pages to Become Business Pages.

At this time only your profile photo and friends will be moved to your new Page. No other content will be moved. You will still be able to log in from your original email address and password. Click to learn more about how and why to convert your Profile into a Page.

Then, you can click this link when you are ready to begin your Profile To Business Page Migration.

The first thing you will be asked is to select which type of Page you are as depicted below:

Once you get on the right track, you can build a much greater audience,, add a custom landing page, perhaps use Facebook advertising and add a number of other apps and enhancements.

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