4th Annual Lake Champlain Open Water Swim 2017

“We organize an annual swim across Lake Champlain and are looking for paddlers to escort swimmers,” said the post by Christophe Lissarrague on the Lake Champlain Kayak Club Meetup.

The 4th Annual Lake Champlain Open Water Swim was to take place on August 19, 2017 and I decided to join them. I ordered a waterproof stuff-sac for my camera and a deck compass just in case it got foggy. 

Here’s a collection of the photos that resulted…

These images are reduced to 1024 pixels at 72 dpi for the web. Feel free to copy and share them as you like. Full-sized images, suitable for printing at 300 dpi are available upon request and with a free-will donation, a portion of which will be shared with Lake Champlain Committee.

Email me at sjk@designwise.net with any specific photo requests using the title number(s) below…-


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The Essex/Charlotte Ferry at 7:45 am


How-to Make an Animated GIF into a Looping Video in Facebook

I set out to create an animated tile ad and decided it would grab a bit more attention as a five-frame GIF.

Pastore Financial Group (PFG) wants to feature their free webinars tailored for physicians on the Vermont Medical Society‘s website. I built the following 350 X 250 pixel animation consisting of 5 frames that displayed for 3 seconds each… a 15-second cycle.

Pastore Financial Group Webinars for Physicians
Sponsored by the Vermont Medical Society









I tried to send the GIF file to the client for review, embedded in an email, but it got lost in transit. So, I posted it on PFG’s Facebook Business Page the same way I would upload a photo or a video and a surprise discovery was revealed. Facebook converted the GIF, which was set to loop 3 times and then rest, into a 15-second, auto-playing, video that now looped endlessly. The looping video really catches the eye on an otherwise static Facebook page.

If you upload them to a personal profile, they are also converted to a looping video. Facebook only allows GIFs to remain in their native format if they are linked from another location like Giphy.