How-to: Embed and Self-promote Your Facebook Posts

The ongoing curtailed distribution of your Facebook Business Page updates is discouraging but, here’s a way to boost their EdgeRank by encouraging more likes and comments.

facebook edgerank

Hosting Comments within your WordPress CMS enabled website might seem like a good thing, despite the spammers. Why not shift that discussion over to your Facebook Page instead? I use a three-step process.

  1. Write and publish an article on your Website. Then, post a link to it along with an enticing comment on your Facebook Page.
  2. Then, click on the dropdown arrow in the upper right corner of that status update and open the Embed Post pop-up.
  3. Copy and paste the embed code back into your Website article by clicking on the Text tab (next to the default Visual tab) located in the upper right corner of the content editor window.facebook-codePaste the Facebook embed code at the bottom of your post or page and click Update.

Now, when site visitors see the Facebook Post (embedded below), they can immediately Like and Comment here - promoting your Page and boosting the Edgerank of that Facebook post as well.

So… need I say it again?
Please, Like, comment and share in the live embed below:

RESULTS: Within 24 hours, the news feed distribution of this Facebook post has jumped to more than 10 times the average of previous posts!

Programmatic – Today’s Vocabulary Word in Media and Marketing


1. of the nature of or according to a program, schedule, or method.
“a programmatic approach to change”

A few days ago, I started shopping for some professional video lighting solutions. I checked out eBay, Amazon and B&H Photo. Immediately thereafter, the shade of display advertising that I see on other unrelated Websites and social media picked up the beat and started showing me numerous ads for, you guessed it!  …professional video lighting solutions.

Personal advertising of the future in the year 2054, as predicted in Steven Spielberg’s 2002 hit film Minority Report, has arrived 40 years earlier than expected. Programmatic data acquisition provides the threads that can be used to connect numerous portions of my virtual identity to: marketing suggestions in targeted display advertising,  prompts for a like on Facebook, providing me with relevant coupons, offering me ticket reservations for a  movie or a concert or asking me to book a test drive at my local auto dealership.

For $1,495 plus travel expenses you can try to comprehend the shift at PROGRAMMATIC I/O on March 24, 2014 in San Francisco. In a single day, more than 30 expert speakers plan to cover the latest trends in programmatic media and marketing, including: Evolution of Ad Exchanges, Real-time bidding (RTB), Retargeting, Video, Private Exchanges and Marketplaces, Mobile and Tablet, Connected TV, eCommerce, Data Management, Data Visualization, Attribution, Viewability, Analytics and Insights, User Experience (UX) and more.

What would a small business owner do besides dropping $2-3K on a one-day trip to the West Coast? I prefer to research, experiment and buy a few good books…

You can start by creating your own loyalty groups and then reward them.

loyalty-leap“Customers can only be acquired, churned, and reactivated so many times before they tire of your brand,” says author Bryan Pearson. “There is a proven marketing equation in which customers willingly share information with you in the expectation of being better served and valued during future transactions. Capitaliz­ing on that equation is our business responsibility.”

As Bryan Pearson explains in his book, it comes down to using the customer information you have to change the way you manage your business.

A recent SocialBakers study found that “61.7% of brands’ social media strategies are focused on customer acquisition, while only 28.9% are focused on customer care.” There’s a huge disconnect here.

Are you collecting customer data? Do you have a mailing list? Have you set up an email data management program?  Service providers like Constant Contact not only allow you to manage subscribers and send email, they also allow you to expand the data fields you collect and then reach out to specific targeted groups.

“The key to making The Loyalty Leap is shifting your company’s focus away from products or services and instead putting people (customers and employees) at the heart of your purpose. Bryan Pearson walks us through this intriguing journey, drawing on firsthand stories and behind-the-scenes anecdotes that illustrate how everyday data can build emotional loyalty.” — Chester Elton, author of The Carrot Principle

DesignWise Studios in Door County…

Buckminster Fuller defined a concept known as synergy: the interaction or cooperation of two or more people. organizations or other elements to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their individual parts.

DesignWise synergy relates to personal interaction and teamwork…. the interaction of multiple individuals in a campaign working together to create an effect much greater than the sum of their individual efforts working apart. The term synergy comes from the Greek word synergia συνέργια from synergos, συνεργός, meaning “working together.” As a collaborative consulting firm, our team must include you …in whatever role(s) you wish to take on.


The days of the Webmaster are as outdated as the typewriter and much like revealing the true identity of the Wizard of Oz, we work with you to pull back the curtain, sharing knowledge, advice and any top “secrets” that will make your business rise to the forefront.

Our goal is to empower you…

Scheduling Appointments and Booking Reservations with a Plugin

Schedulicity and Bookfresh are enticing appointment management applications, but ongoing monthly fees are annoying and they can get expensive.

DesignWise Web design and marketing solutions

When a client asked me to research a way for her to schedule phone consultations online via her Website, I started looking at alternatives to subscribing month-to-month for an online appointment booking service. Being a WordPress advocate, I knew there must be a ton of plugins that would do the job for free or for a flat fee, one-time purchase.  DWBooster’s Appointment Booking Calendar merits my final stamp of approval as a great alternative, providing a free version and a Pro upgrade priced at $49.95.

Appointment Booking Calendar from DWBoosterAppointment Booking Calendar is a WordPress plugin that will permit you to accept payment and book online reservations for available time-slots in your appointment calendar. The booking form is easily linked to your PayPal payment account. You can use it to accept bookings for salons, phone consultations, classroom events, transportation or any other type of activity where a specific and limited time segment must be selected. It also allows you to define the maximum number of bookings that can be accepted for each time-slot. Click for a complete list of features and a comparison of the free vs the Pro versions.

If you are seeking to book daily reservations in a hospitality lodging environment, their Booking Calendar Contact Form plugin enables you to create a classic contact form or a booking form with a reservation calendar, optionally connected to a PayPal payment button. The reservation calendar lets the guest select their check-in and checkout dates.  There are two types of bookings available in the calendar configuration: full-day bookings or partial-day bookings. With full-day bookings the whole day is blocked as reserved, while in partial-day bookings, the start and end dates are partially blocked as needed for example in room or hotel bookings.

If you need help installing and configuring these plugins, we are just a phone call 920.256.9449 or an email away.

Door County Business Story Goldmine Remains Untapped, #SMBDC Nov 20

“Writing is like mining for gold hidden in the hillsides of your mind.” – David Baboulene

Most fans already know the story of their favorite “local and natural” brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Kashi, Tom’s of Maine and Burt’s Bees. But not many fans are likely to know that these successful businesses have been bought by major corporations like Unilevel, Kellogg’s, Colgate-Palmolive and Clorox. In the case of Wisconsin’s own Alterra Coffee the founders simply sold their “story” to the beverage division of Mars, Inc., a corporate giant with $33 billion in annual sales and 72,000 employees.

“Fundamentally, we sold the seven letters that make up the name Alterra,” says co-owner Lincoln Fowler.

Rick Romell of the Journal Sentinel reports:

But in buying the Alterra name, Mars can say, as it does on its Website, that its coffee was born in Milwaukee in 1993 when three friends, “working nights while keeping their daytime businesses afloat,” needed a strong brew. “In order to get it,” the Website declares, next to a thumbnail photo of the popular and historic lakefront cafe Fowler and his partners opened in 2002, “they decided that they had to roast their own — and ALTERRA™ was born!”

That’s the sort of yarn you can’t simply invent and feed to consumers.


Judging by their success, Door County is a goldmine of business stories waiting to be dug up and sold…

Have you ever considered the value of your own business story? Trader Joe’s started out as a small chain of convenience stores back in the 1950′s. Nowadays, if you visit any of their stores or their Website, that story is displayed prominently in wall murals and as a timeline tale that celebrates their heritage.  

On Wednesday, November 20 at Greens N Grains Cafe in Egg Harbor, the next Social Media Breakfast in Door County (SMBDC) will focus on ” Discovering and Telling Your Authentic Story… with more than words.”

Local is the watchword here in Door County. With the exception of gas stations and hardware stores, we present a very low national corporate affiliation, one that vanishes for the most part, north of Sturgeon Bay. That means that almost every business in Door County has a rich tale to tell. These stories are what make us unique and distinctive. They are the reason people from urban areas flock to visit here and partake in that local color.

Business Management Consultant Myrna Cohn spent more than 3 decades advising major corporate clients on marketing tactics and strategies. Several years ago, she retired from her career in Chicago to a more relaxed agenda in Baileys Harbor where she paints and teaches memoir writing.

“Each and every successful business has a rich and engaging story to tell.” Explains Myrna. “With the shift toward a social interactive landscape, advertising now becomes all about sharing that warm and friendly personal identity. What better way than to tell the story of how you got here?”

Myrna Cohn will provide a set of guidelines on how to begin shaping and creating the story of your business. I will join her in explaining how to use five different types of graphic media to add color to your narrative.

We’ll meet upstairs in the loft above the Greens N Grains Cafe from 9 – 10:30 am. Bring along your laptops or wireless devices and tap into free Wifi to share and comment online. Slides and Website examples will also be projected on a large backdrop screen.

Greens N Grains Cafe has a full service coffee bar and owner Kathy Navis says there will be a batch of fresh organic and natural bakery that may purchased downstairs and brought up to the 2nd floor loft

Door County’s monthly Social Media Breakfasts take place at different locations around the Peninsula on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 9 – 10:30 am. The events are free and reservations are not necessary. You can email or call 920.256.9449 with questions on SMBDC. More information is available online at and at

3rd Wednesday Monthly Social Media Breakfasts in Door County #SMBDC at Glas, Oct 16

“Mapping and Connecting the Nodes in a Social Blueprint” is the topic slated for the first monthly meeting of this season’s Social Media Breakfast Door County (SMBDC), a community learning concept spearheaded in the “off-season” by DesignWise Studios marketing consultant, Stephen Kastner.

Stephen Kastner
Stephen Kastner

“We’ll meet in the upstairs conference room at Glas, the Green Coffeehouse in Sturgeon Bay from 9 – 10:30 am on Wednesday, October 16,” says Kastner “…and we shall begin the process of selecting, creating and then connecting the “dots” from Websites through all of the various channels we can use to communicate with a public fan base online. I call it a Social Blueprint.”

Glas features a variety of bakery and breakfast menu items as well as coffee beverages and tea that may be purchased downstairs and brought up to the 2nd floor conference room. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops and wireless devices in order to join in the dialogue as DesignWise will project a live Twitterstream comment display as the meeting takes place. Slides and Website examples will also be projected on a large backdrop screen.

Door County’s monthly Social Media Breakfasts take place at different locations around the Peninsula on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 9 – 10:30 am. The events are free and reservations are not necessary.


Glas, the Green Coffeehouse
67 East Maple St.
Suite B (2nd floor conference room)
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin


Photo Enriched Interactive Tweets Add Greater Dynamics to Your Posts

On Thursday, Sept. 26, Twitter announced, “We’ve put the photo front and center, with a bigger and bold visual focus on the media.”

This is one of several big changes that Twitter is rolling out. Since images invoke greater interaction (aka click-throughs), start by getting in the habit of including images in your Tweets. Then, embed those Tweets into an article wherever relevant and meaningful. Embedding a Tweet into your WP post is effortless as WordPress explains: First locate the tweet you want to post. Then click the timestamp. You’ll be taken to the page for that individual tweet. Copy the URL in the address bar. Next, in your blog’s post editor, paste the URL on a line by itself (no HTML necessary).

Readers can interact with them just as they can in Twitter. Click the reply icon to join the conversation, retweet to share and favorite them to show appreciation. And as always, you can click the follow button to get the Tweets in your home timeline.

Here’s an example:

Did you know you can also embed fully interactive Facebook posts?

Apple-ization, Responsive & Mobile Friendly in a BYOD World …Your Website Dead or Alive? (Infographic)

Webopedia says BYOD is a “phrase that has become widely adopted to refer to employees who bring their own computing devices – such as smartphones, laptops and PDAs – to the workplace for use and connectivity on the corporate network” …and the devices largely being chosen are built by Apple.

shiftWhile the acronym began as a workplace metaphor, it has rapidly come to reflect the entire shifting game board of content management and delivery. It seems like only yesterday – aka a long time ago in Webspeak – that having a beautiful Flash animated HTML Website was the cat’s meow. Now it’s the kiss of death!

Remember, it was Nemesis who first attracted Narcissus to gaze into a pool where he fell in love with his own reflection and eventually died there. Your Website now must be much more than a pretty image. It needs to be alive and respond to who and whatever knocks in this BYOD world. In the early days it was browser-compatibility that challenged the Webmaster. Now, we are all content creators and the challenge rests in achieving device compatibility.

times-of-indiaLet today’s release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear smartwatch be your wake up call. How will your Website look on its display screen, which measures 1.63 inches diagonally? With smartphones and tablets already becoming ubiquitous, electronics companies are building advanced computing technology into everyday objects such as wristwatches and glasses. Does your Web content shift in response?

It didn’t take a crystal ball to see this coming. On September 10, 2013, DesignWise Studios celebrates the 4th anniversary of our migration to using WordPress as a fundamental Web design and development platform. That’s because it’s a mobile-friendly BYOD content management system in a box. It’s responsive and continuously evolves with the ever-changing times. And better yet, it’s open source software, free of coded corporate secrets with a price tag to match.

In May, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of WordPress by launching DesignWise Studios Advanced WordPress Hosting to provide our clients with more than an empty box. We are ready whenever you decide to make the shift.

This Bud’s for You! Turning Points Made for Music …and YouTube

I found my self captivated by an ad for a beer that I don’t drink, featuring a rap artist I’d never heard of …and I don’t even like rap music.

There is a subtle revolution going on. I was intending to watch Kevin Spacey speaking at the Edinburgh Television Festival about the bigger revolution in the shift away from cable to Netflix – the only company that agreed to back him in the production of a “13-hour film” in House of Cards, without requiring a pilot.

Spacey says,”The audience has spoken. They want stories!”

And that’s why I stopped to watch the entire YouTube pre-roll commercial before watching Kevin Spacey, to learn the 1:51-minute story of a rapper named Ab-Soul.

“You can skip to video in 5 seconds.”

That’s it! In YouTube’s skippable ad format, advertisers only have 5 seconds to win over my interest and I am impatiently counting… Using short-form documentary in black and white, Budweiser manages to do so, launching an engaging new concept with a collection of Pivotal Career Moments they call Turning Points. It’s just one of six parts of the Made for Music campaign that Bud launched with Vice and Facebook in July, 2013.

I am excited because Bud is confirming a personal artistic direction that I have been developing – one in which authentic story content is presented by a funding sponsor. As a marketing consultant and doc filmmaker, my earned media approach is demonstrated in the following video I just produced on the recent Baylake Tall Ship Festival, a project funded by Shipwrecked Brewery Pub & Restaurant in Egg Harbor.

Meeting up with David HB Drake at the beer tasting tent was sheer luck, not to mention the fact that he was dressed in nautical attire and just happened to somewhat resemble the company’s iconic ship captain.



Jesse Horne, working the tent for Shipwrecked, was quick to improvise and I was fortunate to capture the moment, using their exchange as a tail to David’s performance of an original song he calls “The Lakes of Amerikey.” Here’s an opportunity for Shipwrecked to follow my lead and emulate Budweiser in building a campaign around the music of a talented musician and nautical historian that  just happens to personify their brand.

Have you begun to use the power of video publishing? Michael Hyatt, author of  Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World says, “The good news is that video is cheaper to produce than ever. You can get professional quality video produced for a fraction of what it used to cost.”


Check out the DesignWise Studios YouTube Video Channel to see how others are adding short-form video to their marketing campaigns. Then, contact me to plan your own video campaign – from channel design and distribution, to complete professional video editing and production – all at DesignWise Studios.

David HB Drake has written more than 200 songs, many of them sea shanties and songs of the Seven Seas and Great Lakes. He is the official chanteyman of Wisconsin’s flagship, the S/V Denis Sullivan and educator at Pier Wisconsin Maritime Center. Living his dream, David has also served as chanteyman on the movie tall ship “HMS Bounty.” You may find him at pirate festivals appearing as “Graybeard, The Ancient Mariner” and he authors “Graybeard’s Advice for Lubbers,” a column in Pirates Magazine.  

Empowering Clients is our prime objective…

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