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I have been designing graphic Web sites since the early 1990s when Internet speeds and browsers began to support viewing images. Initially we used Mosaic with GIF images to display small graphics, such as banners and navigation buttons on Web pages.

Eventually I evolved along with my tools including Photoshop and Flash. Layered animations and interactive movies became standard fare. Over more than a decade, I and my team members at DesignWise Studios have created hundreds of HTML-based Web sites.

And, we still do create some HTML designs, but now we often add video and external data feeds using a variety of widgets. The Web site has become a hub component, part of a greater and more diverse collection of other components that include social media.

Below is a collection of links to actual Web sites that I have designed and continue to update and maintain. Some of them are starting to shift into a hybrid mix and some are transforming entirely from HTML into a more interactive content management system built on the WordPress platform.

Among these transformations, I must include our own DesignWise site. I write about the process in, Walking the walk… from passive to active media design.

Traditional HTML Portfolio:

Latest HTML Design: Nelson Lakeview Suites (Hospitality lodging)

Dairy View (Farm and Learning Center)
Davida Schulman (Painter)
Micheal Doerr (Furniture design studio)
Nebel Construction (Contractor)
Potters Wheel Gallery (Abe Cohn, Potter)
Silver Poplar Estate (Lodging, gallery, wedding hosting)

Silver Strike Charters (Charter fishing)

Operation Welcome Homes – provides free vacations to U. S. military families and service personnel who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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